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8" Halloween Kewpie!!!

Mint never removed from original mint box. Retired model.

Price: $59.00  


Set of four 8" Kewpies as "The Wizard of Oz" characters!

Mint never removed from original mint box. Retired and very desirable.

Price: $179.00  


Madame Alexander 8" "Groovy Girl"!

Mint in original mint box with certificate of authenticity! Very desirable retired model with bending knees!

Price: $129.00  


8" Yankee Doodle All American Kewpie!!!

Mint never removed from original mint box. Retired model.

Price: $59.00  


Steiff Spaniel with swivel head

Just about 7" tall is this wonderful vintage, circa 1950's, sitting Steiff Spaniel with swivel head. Glass eyes, felt open mouth. Has a squeaker inside his tummy, but it doesn't work any more. No button. Otherwise- Great!

Price: $325.00  


Steiff "Jumbo" the Elephant

5 and 1/2" tall very cute Steiff "Jumbo" the Elephant with glass eyes. Made in Western Germany. Still retains Steiff brass button with cloth label attached to his ear, and paper label on his chest.

Price: $125.00  


Vintage Steiff "Nosy" Rhinoceros

Adorable Vintage Steiff "Nosy" Rhinoceros made of mohair, about 6" tall. Lost his button, but still has the paper label with his name on it. Excellent condition.

Price: $95.00  


6" Steiff "Assy" the Donkey

All in excellent condition with the round paper tag, cloth label and brass button in his ear. Cute!!!

Price: $135.00  


Steiff vintage 9" long Running Rabbit

Rare vintage 9" long Running Rabbit from 1940's. Still retains silver Steiff button in his ear. Wonderful condition.

Price: $375.00  


8.5" vintage Steiff kitten "Susi".

This is the her length from the head to the tip of her tail. Made in 1950's she has the Steiff button with a cloth tag attached to her ear.When you pick her the bell on her neck rings. Very good condition for a collectible being over 60 years old.

Price: $225.00  


5" Steiff Hedgehog Mucki.

This cute 1959 Steiff girl is in mint condition with all of her ID tags and brass button!

Price: $Sold  


7" vintage Steiff Hedgehog Mecki.

This is another wonderful Steiff from 1967 all complete with his tags and brass button. Mint!

Price: $Sold  


5" Fur Parlor dog

This adorable dog , circa 1900's, will be a great companion for your small French bebe or French Fashion doll. Excellent condition with an original paper label still attached to his belly.

Price: $325.00  


5" Fur Parlor dog

Another wonderful dogie for your Dollhouse or French doll. Excellent condition with paper label attached to her leg.

Price: $325.00  


9" Composition Patsyette type doll

Wonderful vintage doll from 1930's dressed in unusual sparkly long dress, long coat with hood and silver shoes. She has mohair wig with red bow tied in it.
Very good condition.

Price: $125.00  


9" Composition Patsyette type doll

Another great doll from 1930"s dressed in international Finland costume. A companion for a doll in winter coat and a doll from Holland.
Still retains the original tag that says:
"I am Aino from Finland"
Very good to excellent condition.

Price: $175.00  


9" Composition Patsyette type doll

1930's blonde hair doll representing a girl from Holland with wrist tag saying:
" I am Katrinka of Holland". Very good to excellent condition. A wonderful companion for a girl in a snow outfit and a girl from Finland.

Price: $165.00  


7" Steiff Historic Mohair Replica of 1960.

Wonderful fully jointed 1996 caramel bear "TEDDY". All in excellent condition with the paper tag, cloth tag and brass button in his ear.

Price: $150.00  


10" Gorgeous Steiff bear!

Very beautiful cream colored Teddy Bear. Replica of 1904 model by Margaret Strong Museum, manufactured 1984-1986. Excellent condition with brass button and cloth yellow label in ear.

Price: $275.00  


6" Child Head Vase

This is a very beautiful large Head Vase depicting a young girl wearing a pretty bonnet with molded flowers and ribbon that ties it at her neck into a gorgeous bow. Exposed ears, blonde curls of hair. Perfection!

Price: $125.00  


9" Very RARE Young Lady Head Vase

Made by Rubens, Japanese firm in 1960's. This is uncatalogued model, very beautiful and unusually tall. Very good condition, but missing a brooch.

Price: $89.00  


9" Tall Figural Spill Vase

Made by Carl Schneider Porcelain factory in late 1890's. Very beautiful bisque vase depicting a Victorian dressed boy holding a beautiful white swan.
Excellent condition! Fully marked on the base with Schneider signature and a stamp" DEP".

Price: $Sold  


8" Madame Alexander Sublime Wendy as Miniature Madame!

Made in celebration of Madame Alexander's 100th birthday. Very Rare Special doll! Mint with tag in original perfect box.

Price: $98.00  


8" Madame Alexander "Yellow Butterfly Princess" with Wendy face

This beautiful springtime Butterfly doll comes from 2000 "Princess Butterflies" collection! Very rare or maybe even unique found with the cute Wendy face! MIB!
Comes with two wrist tags and original box.

Price: $69.00  


8" Madame Alexander "Investigator Wendy" !

Dressed as Sherlock Holmes this very special Limited Edition Wendy was sold through 1999 QVC television shopping network show in a number of 500 only!!!
She comes with her own large magnifying glass!
MIB! With wrist tag and mint box.

Price: $Sold  


8" Madame Alexander "African Safari".

This adorable Wendy doll goes to Africa and makes friends with a very large, but very kind Lion! Beautiful duo!
Mint in original box with wrist tag and plush lion toy!
Very rare desirable set.

Price: $Sold  


9" Very rare Amy doll from "The Family Company"

Fully jointed vinyl doll with set glass-like blue eyes, long blonde hair. Entirely hand made First Communion outfit with gold necklace! Comes with her own religious "Faith" book and a beautiful butterfly pin! Mint in original box!
*Made in America by family doll company in New Jersey.

Price: $69.00  


8" Madame Alexander "Guinevere"

Absolutely wonderful richly costumed doll portraying Princess Guinevere, who is waiting her Prince Sir Lancelot(also listed in my store)!
The doll is mint with wrist tag and box that is missing its lid.

Price: $79.00  


8" Madame Alexander "Sir Lancelot"

What a great medieval costume! This Knight is a pair for princess Guinevere, also listed in my store!
Mint in box with wrist tag!

Price: $55.00  


Madame Alexander "Joyous Tulip Ball Gown" Cisette

Mint in box, with wrist tag.

Price: $150.00  


14" Effanbee hard plastic "Classic Skippy"

Wonderful doll by retired Effanbee company. Mint in box, with wrist tag and certificate.

Price: $100.00  


11" Madame Alexander "Romeo"

Mint in box, with wrist tag.

Price: $55.00  


11" Madame Alexander "Marc Antony"

Mint in box, with wrist tag.

Price: $55.00  


Set of two Kewpies as "The Nutcracker and the Tooth Fairy" characters!

The Nutcracker is 12" tall and the Tooth Fairy is 8" tall. Mint never removed from original mint box. Retired and very desirable.

Price: $169.00