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11" Wonderful and Scarce Bellhop Googly by Max Handwerck!

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This doll is a part of series of Elite Googly-eyed dolls produced in 1915 by Max Handwerck. Dolls in this series represent various countries that fought in World War I. This "Bellhop" Googly represents England.
His perfect bisque head with molded hair is topped with a sculpted blue bellhop cap trimmed with a white band of red polka dots. Inset blue side-glancing googly eyes, painted lashes, short feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with watermelon-slice-shaped smile. He is on fully jointed superb quality composition and wood German body.
Wonderful original woolen Bellhop uniform!


Head incised:
E. 2/0


Excellent, near mint!

The hardest to find!


I would like a similar doll!

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