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13" Wonderful 1929-31 Lenci girl from 111 series with paper tag! All original!

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This adorable 13" Lenci toddler,series 111, was made in the period of 1929-1931 and is considered to be the most popular among collectors today!
She has surprised fat child's face with side glancing painted eyes. Her head, arms and lags are made of felt, body is made of cloth. This wonderful Lenci girl has silky mohair wig, that is directly wefted in to her head, and is in original beautiful condition. Her bright hot pink and red pieced-felt outfit is simply breathtaking--it is still so bright, no fading at all!!! The original paper tag is still attached to underneath the outfit!



Greatly preserved doll in unplayed with condition.

Excellent condition!


I would like a similar doll!

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