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17" R. John Wright "Babes in the Wood" sold-out two doll set! Only 100 made!

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Babes in the Wood from R. John Wright stand approximately 17" tall, and are fully jointed and constructed of the finest all wool felt with molded faces, hand painted features, mohair wigs, and sculptural felt hands with individual fingers. An innovative detail on the little boy shows one hand uniquely crafted as a closed fist. Both children feature tiny delicately applied teardrops.
The little Lord is costumed in a tailored linen blouse topped by a felt tunic gathered at the waist with a leather belt. Cotton tights, a jaunty felt cap, and hand cobbled leather shoes complete his charming fairy tale outfit. The little Lady wears a beautifully detailed dress of hand-painted cotton gauze and felt. The waist is embellished with a band of handknotted silk buds and bows. Her dainty felt cap, custom-made white stockings, and cobbled leather slippers provide the perfect finishing touches.
Babes in the Wood are made in an extremely limited edition of just 100 sets worldwide. They will come together in a deluxe custom-made RJW presentation box. Included will be the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.


Both dolls have RJ Wright brass button sewn into their clothes.



Beautiful felt dolls in custom presentation box!!!!


I would like a similar doll!

This doll is no longer available for purchase. If you liked her and want to be notified should I list a similar doll for sale please send me a note using this form:

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