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20" Bru Brevete size 3. Rare large size. Most beautiful!

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This is one spectacular doll! I don't think you could find a Bru Brevete with a better face! She is 20" tall, I believe this is the second largest size. Early model, circa 1879.
Gorgeous pale pressed bisque head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate. Patented Bru gusseted kid body with beautiful bisque hands. Quality of her painting is as close to absolute perfection as it can get! This Bru still retains her original lambswool wig in wonderful condition.
She is dressed in beautiful silk dress, matching antique bonnet, antique underwear and shoes.


Head incised:


Tip of little finger on right hand missing. A tiny line on very top of the forehead: a quarter of an inch short and an extremely light: either a hairline 0r an inherited firing line, hard to tell. Please email for pictures. Either way, it's practically invisible and does not detract from the value of the doll.
Excellent otherwise. Outstanding quality of the painting, perfectly smooth bisque with no rubs.

Outstanding face! Absolutely spectacular breathtaking doll!


I would like a similar doll!

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