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5 1/4" NASB Little Boy Blue

Rarest "America" Mold!!!


4 7/8 NASB #25 French Japan mold

Desirable and rare!


24" Seldom found Steiner Figure A bebe with lever eye mechanism!


5 1/4" Hansel and Grethel pair

Early silver dot box


20" Extremely rare "Bisque-hip" Steiner bebe with swivel neck!

Spectacular doll with tremendous appeal! New lower price!!!


8" 1953 Early Madame Alexander Quiz-Kin in original mint sunsuit! Very rare doll!

The most adorable Alexander doll, made for one year only! Comes with box!


5 1/2" NASB Judy Ann Summer


8" Vogue 1955 Ginny Bon-Bons (Num. 84)! Mold-lash Straight-Leg walker.

Very rare hard to find model!


16" Effanbee hard plastic Honey from 1949 in pink satin Bridal gown! Superb in original box!

Near mint condition!


18" R. John Wright 1984 Emily and The Enchanted Doll! MIB!

Limited edition of 150 only!


8" Madame Alexander 1966 "Wendy in sewing basket".

Extremely hard to find!


8" Madame Alexander "Wendy On Way to Beach" from 1955

Hardest little darling to find!


5 1/2" NASB Goldylocks and The Baby Bear, Num 128

Very hard to find! Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Margie Ann, Num. 80 MSMB

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


8" Cutest Baby in wicker basket!

AM 341 closed mouth version of ever popular mold


5 3/4" All Bisque Simon and Halbig with closed mouth and cobalt glass eyes!

Very unusual all original mignonette, circa 1885.


5 1/2" NASB Cinderella, pudgy, Num. 155 (23) Sale!!!!!!

From Storybook Series: Fairyland


5 1/2" NASB I Have a Little Pet, JT, Num. 126, original box!

Storybook Series:Mother Goose/Fairy Tale/ Sale!!!!!!