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17" Kathe Kruse Doll I wide-hip child

All original and mint!!!


5 1/4" NASB Little Boy Blue

Rarest "America" Mold!!!


4 7/8 NASB #25 French Japan mold

Desirable and rare!


24" Seldom found Steiner Figure A bebe with lever eye mechanism!


19" Wonderful Lenci series 110

Great early model with curly hair//SALE!


5 1/4" Hansel and Grethel pair

Early silver dot box


9.5" Sweet Tete Jumeau in smallest size 1


20" Extremely rare "Bisque-hip" Steiner bebe with swivel neck!

Spectacular doll with tremendous appeal! New lower price!!!


18" R. John Wright 1985 "Max and his Pinocchio"! Only 150 made! MIB!

Scarce and extremely desirable early character by R J Wright!


5 1/2" NASB Judy Ann Summer


16" Effanbee hard plastic Honey from 1949 in pink satin Bridal gown! Superb in original box!

Near mint condition!


18" R. John Wright 1984 Emily and The Enchanted Doll! MIB!

Limited edition of 150 only!


5 1/2" NASB Goldylocks and The Baby Bear, Num 128

Very hard to find! Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Margie Ann, Num. 80 MSMB

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


8" Cutest Baby in wicker basket!

AM 341 closed mouth version of ever popular mold