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5 1/2" Kestner all-bisque Pouty with rarest Yellow stockings!

Excellent condition!


5 1/2" NASB Goldylocks and The Baby Bear, Num 128

Very hard to find! Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Margie Ann, Num. 80 MSMB

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Bride, pudgy w/box, Num. 86

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" French All Bisque Black mignonette!!!

All original and rare!


5 3/4" All Bisque Simon and Halbig with closed mouth and cobalt glass eyes!

Very unusual all original mignonette, circa 1885.


9" Heubach All Bisque girl with three molded bows! Hard to find!

Very hard to find! 9 inches of pure perfection!!!


9" Rare glass-eyed wigged Bye Lo baby!

Perfect bisque! Rare larger size!


6 1/2" Outstanding all bisque by Gaultier with bare feet!

All original from Dorothy Dixon collection.


8" All Bisque Kestner pouty with bendable knees!

Extremely rare especially in such large size!!!


6 1/4" Very Rare All-Bisque Glass-eyed Googly in Easter Egg!

7 and 1/2" Beautiful Papier-mache Easter egg with two cotton-batting bunnies!


6 1/4" Large All-bisque Bare Feet Kestner!

Desirable pouty face! Excellent condition! Original costume!


7 1/2" Early Simon and Halbig 886 square-teeth all bisque with rare five-strap boots

Very desirable early all bisque!!!