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5 1/2" Kestner all-bisque Pouty with rarest Yellow stockings!

Excellent condition!


5 1/2" NASB Goldylocks and The Baby Bear, Num 128

Very hard to find! Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Margie Ann, Num. 80 MSMB

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Bride, pudgy w/box, Num. 86

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" French All Bisque Black mignonette!!!

All original and rare!


9" Heubach All Bisque girl with three molded bows! Hard to find!

Very hard to find! 9 inches of pure perfection!!!


9" Rare glass-eyed wigged Bye Lo baby!

Perfect bisque! Rare larger size!


6 1/2" Outstanding all bisque by Gaultier with bare feet!

All original from Dorothy Dixon collection.


8" All Bisque Kestner pouty with bendable knees!

Extremely rare especially in such large size!!!


6 1/4" Very Rare All-Bisque Glass-eyed Googly in Easter Egg!

7 and 1/2" Beautiful Papier-mache Easter egg with two cotton-batting bunnies!


6 1/4" Large All-bisque Bare Feet Kestner!

Desirable pouty face! Excellent condition! Original costume!


7 1/2" Early Simon and Halbig 886 square-teeth all bisque with rare five-strap boots

Very desirable early all bisque!!!