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17" Kathe Kruse Doll I wide-hip child

All original and mint!!!


8" Madame Alexander Guardian Angel circa 1954-55

Rarest platinum hair! MIB!


19" Wonderful Lenci series 110

Great early model with curly hair//SALE!


8" 1953 Early Madame Alexander Quiz-Kin in original mint sunsuit! Very rare doll!

The most adorable Alexander doll, made for one year only! Comes with box!


18" R. John Wright 1985 "Max and his Pinocchio"! Only 150 made! MIB!

Scarce and extremely desirable early character by R J Wright!


8" Vogue 1955 Ginny Bon-Bons (Num. 84)! Mold-lash Straight-Leg walker.

Very rare hard to find model!


16" Effanbee hard plastic Honey from 1949 in pink satin Bridal gown! Superb in original box!

Near mint condition!


18" R. John Wright 1984 Emily and The Enchanted Doll! MIB!

Limited edition of 150 only!


8" Madame Alexander 1966 "Wendy in sewing basket".

Extremely hard to find!


12" Madame Alexander "Little Genius" hard plastic and cloth doll with original labeled box!

Fantastic and MINT! FAO Schwarz label on box!


8" Madame Alexander "Wendy On Way to Beach" from 1955

Hardest little darling to find!


5 1/2" NASB Goldylocks and The Baby Bear, Num 128

Very hard to find! Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Margie Ann, Num. 80 MSMB

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


5 1/2" NASB Bride, pudgy w/box, Num. 86

Family Series/Sale!!!!!!


8" Vogue Ginny The Wavette Hair doll

The very first doll named Ginny!


8" Vogue Ginny Karen from 1953

Hard to find model of Debutante series


21" Effanbee 1949 composition Honey with provenance! Two original boxes!

All factory original! Mint!


8" NASB Muffie circa 1953. Non-walker, no eyebrows.

Rare Auburn hair! MIB!


12" Madame Alexander Vintage Lissy/Pamela as "Ballerina"! Rare!

Circa 1963!!!


21" Breathtaking Madame Alexander 1957 Cissy! Mint!

Fantastic, all complete, hard to find doll!!!


24" Horsman Compo Dimples Toddler! Excellent and rare!

Very large size!


16" Effanbee hard plastic Honey from 1949 in aqua organza gown! Superb in original box!

Mint rare doll!


23" Desirable Lenci character girl, 109 series!

Near mint condition! Rare complete outfit!


20.5" Kathe Kruse doll VIII boy , "German Child".

Circa 1929-on!


10" Wonderful" Alice in Wonderland" Tweedledee and Tweedledum Set!

Made by OLD COTTAGE TOYS CO, England! Pair comes in the original marked box!


18" Madame Alexander Vintage Maggie as "Annabelle"! Rare!

Mint scarce doll!


9" R. John Wright 1992 "Pinocchio" !

Mint in original box with tag and certificate of authenticity!


8" Vogue 1953 Ginny Mistress Mary #54 of "Fable and Bride" Series. Strung!

Great high color face!


8" Vogue 1948 Hard plastic "Crib Crowd Baby" with painted eyes!

Extremely hard to get!!!


13" Molly-'es 1920's Cloth doll in wonderful organdy outfit! All original!



18" R. John Wright 1983 "The Little Prince" Premiere Edition! MIB!

Mint in original box with tag!


9" Lenci miniature Girl in rare pink organdy outfit!



8" Vogue 1949 Ginny with painted eyes! Mint in box!

Wonderful rare catalogued doll with wrist tag and box!


8" Madame Alexander "Little Genius" from 1956! MIB!

Crispy mint!


17" R. John Wright 1983 "Babes in Toyland" Series 1! Matched pair!

Only 50 pairs were made! MIB! Hard to find!


13" Lenci Pouty girl, Sport series, circa 1929 with ball!

Excellent condition, all original with two tags!


18" Madame Alexander 1954 special edition of "Flower Girl". Cissy face walker doll.

All original in pristine, mint condition with original labeled box!


8" Vogue 1952 Ginny Angela #65 of "Debutante" Series. Strung! Mint in box!

Wrist tag, labeled box! Minty Mint!


8" Muffie by Nancy Ann Story Book, circa 1953. Non-walker, no eyebrows. MIB!

Rare lavender shoes!


13" Wonderful 1929-31 Lenci girl from 111 series with paper tag! All original!

Excellent condition!


6" Madame Alexander composition Dionne Quints, circa 1930's in original wicker basket!



18" Ideal SCARSE Princess Beatrix compo baby, circa 1938! Mint in original box and wrist tag!

All original with "magic" Flirty eyes!


10" Lenci Pouty girl, series 360, circa 1930 with original box!

Excellent condition!


8" Madame Alexander 1953 Wendy-Kin Straight-Leg Non-Walker! Minty mint with original tag and box!

Exceptional condition!


20" Madame Alexander Cissy in Yellow Spring Party Dress! Mint with original box!

Museum doll!


25" Extremely rare composition and cloth "Mama" doll by "Perfect" toy Co.

All original! Excellent condition!


26" Effanbee composition Patsy Ruth with Lovums head mold! All original!

Effanbee bracelet! Wonderful rare doll in excellent condition!


14" Composition and cloth Horsman baby doll! 100% original with Horsman tag!

Mint crisp in excellent condition!


24" Horsman composition and cloth Dolly Rosebud! All original presentation in original labeled Horsman box!

Original organdy dress with two tags!


19" Rare Most popular Lenci 110 Series!

Fancy felt and organdy outfit, gorgeous hairdo! Outstanding Lenci child!


18" and 20" Arthur and Lillian by R. John Wright boxed as a pair, early number 71!

Portraits of R.J. Wright's children! MIB!


12" Rare 1956 Madame Alexander Lissy in beautiful pink formal gown! Mint in original box!

Early Lissy doll with bent knees and elbows! Very high color!


9" Wonderful and rare Lenci "The Kid" - Jackie Coogan

Hard to find desirable 1933 character!


14" 1947 hard plastic Mary Hoyer doll

Original Fairy Princess costume! Tiara!


8" Vogue 1952 Ginny Glad of "Tiny Miss" Series. Strung! Mint in box!

So adorable!! Sale!!!


18" Felt Glass-Eyed Princess Elizabeth Portrait Doll by Chad Valley

Original excellent condition! Belongs to very desirable Royal children series of dolls!


9 1/2" American composition baby doll resembling baby " Buttercup"!

Five piece bent limb baby body. Very cute!


8" Wendy dressed for Maypole dance from 1953

As cute as a button!