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5 1/2" Kestner all-bisque Pouty with rarest Yellow stockings!

Excellent condition!


11" Wonderful and Scarce Bellhop Googly by Max Handwerck!

The hardest to find!


8" Cutest Baby in wicker basket!

AM 341 closed mouth version of ever popular mold


30" Gigantic adorable K*R FLIRTY EYED 126 baby!!!



6.5" Cutest Kestner bisque head doll on fully jointed compo body!

Comes in adorable wicker cradle.


10" Cutest Hertel and Schwab character baby with solid dome head!

Mold 151


10" Armand Marseille Googly baby, mold 323!

Excellent pale dewy bisque!


11" Armand Marseille Character baby, rare mold 382!


9" Heubach All Bisque girl with three molded bows! Hard to find!

Very hard to find! 9 inches of pure perfection!!!


18" Kestner child mold 148 shoulder head.

Very pretty face!


18" Cutest Kestner 129 in adorable cabinet size! Perfect!



12" Super rare black Googly character! Amazing!!!

Fired bisque head, ball-jointed body with jointed wrists. Side-glancing glass Googly eyes!


8" All Bisque Kestner pouty with bendable knees!

Extremely rare especially in such large size!!!


6 1/4" Very Rare All-Bisque Glass-eyed Googly in Easter Egg!

7 and 1/2" Beautiful Papier-mache Easter egg with two cotton-batting bunnies!


6 1/4" Large All-bisque Bare Feet Kestner!

Desirable pouty face! Excellent condition! Original costume!


11" Mint JDK Toddler, mold 260! Super adorable on fully jointed chubby toddler Kestner body

A little treasure !!


7 1/2" Early Simon and Halbig 886 square-teeth all bisque with rare five-strap boots

Very desirable early all bisque!!!


11" Super adorable JDK Googly 221!

Charming little imp on desirable straight-wristed chubby toddler body!


12 1/2" Wonderful Elite Googly Soldier! All original, excellent!!!

Rare find!


23" Simon and Halbig character child, mold 939 with closed mouth.

All original! Made for French market!


26" Desirable character "Santa" by Simon and Halbig, mold 1249

Extremely beautiful features! Exceptional doll!


19" The most adorable Hilda toddler by Kestner!

Fabulous large character with incredible chubby body!!!


9 1/2" Tiny Kestner 143 Character on fully jointed chubby body!

Super adorable! All antique!


24" Desirable Simon and Halbig child, mold 719!

Amazingly beautiful doll! A must-have for the advanced collector!