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24" Seldom found Steiner Figure A bebe with lever eye mechanism!


9.5" Sweet Tete Jumeau in smallest size 1


20" Extremely rare "Bisque-hip" Steiner bebe with swivel neck!

Spectacular doll with tremendous appeal! New lower price!!!


24" Gorgeous "Sawako" type Eden Bebe, size 12


5 1/2" French All Bisque Black mignonette!!!

All original and rare!


10 1/2" Outstanding Size 1 FG Block bebe ! Bisque hands!



11 3/8" Fantastic SFBJ 301 Bleuette reproduction by Raven!

She is 29cm tall.


22" Elusive gorgeous Jumeau Bebe with the rarest incised mark!


23" Angelic Eden Bebe Size 9

Gorgeous and perfect!


17" French Bisque Bébé by Petit & Demoutier with metal hands!

Gorgeous doll with perfect palest bisque!


10" Rare tiny Steiner A bebe with bisque hands and lever eyes!

All original and perfect!


18" Outstanding Bru Jne bebe on Chevrot body, Size 6!

Unbelievably beautiful desirable face with "the" tongue!


20" Bru Brevete size 3. Rare large size. Most beautiful!

Outstanding face! Absolutely spectacular breathtaking doll!


6 1/2" Outstanding all bisque by Gaultier with bare feet!

All original from Dorothy Dixon collection.


10" Very rare Steiner Sie C on Motschmann body! All original!

Store label is still attached to body!!! Early head mark!


13" SFBJ Pouty toddler, mold 252! Rarer French character doll!

Crisp modeling!


10 5/8" Adorable SFBJ Bleuette 60 8/0, circa 1922!



10 5/8" Wonderful Fleischmann mold Bleuette circa 1905-1915, marked 6/0

Second series Bleuette! Truly unique French child of the World War I era.


11 3/8" Rare Unis Bleuette, mold 301, 29 cm tall!

Made in late 1930's! Perfect!


26" Amazing all original Jumeau Triste bebe, size 12!

Simply irresistible!


26" Incredibly beautiful Bru Jne size 10 on desirable Chevrot body!

She's got "the look"!


20" Breathtaking Bebe Bru Jne Size 7 on Chevrot body with bisque hands and wooden legs!

Exquisitie early face with prominent tongue!


22" Outstanding Jumeau Premier Portrait bebe, size 10!


14 1/2" Fabulous and early Bru Fashion with charming "Mona Lisa" smile!

Fabulous poupee for a discriminating collector!


10 5/8" Prettiest Premiere Bleuette, circa 1905! 27cm French little fashionista with all correct markings!

The most beautiful Premiere Bleuette I've ever seen!


25" Superb large "long face" Schmitt bebe!

Desirable pear-shaped face, fully marked head and body! Beauty! Super affordable!


14" Amazing all original Tete Jumeau Size 5 in original box!

Absolutely adorable transitional Tete model with "Incised" Jumeau look!


24" Very pretty Tete Jumeau Size 11! Fully marked head and body! Perfect!

Gorgeous outfit!!!


10 5/8" Premiere Bleuette, circa 1905! 27 cm beauty!

Rare find!


10 5/8" Most beautiful Bleuette SFBJ Paris 301 model, circa 1915!

27cm French child wearing authentic Marine outfit! A store display model!


10 5/8" Bleuette child, Unis 60-8/0 model, circa 1925-1928

Wonderful "Match" outfit!


18" Bebe Bru Jne Size 6 on Chevrot Body! Desirable classic face with prominent tongue!

Original costume is a true masterpiece! Original Bru Jne Paris shoes!!!


26" Large Jumeau EJ bebe Size 12! Ernestine Jumeau couturier dress! Jumeau shoes!

Absolutely incredible face!


24" Beautiful Eden Bebe size 12


18" Breathtaking Bebe Bru Jne Size 6 on Chevrot body with bisque hands and wooden legs!

Amazing early face with prominent tongue!


15" Sweetest Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 6! All factory original including Jumeau chemise and Marked size 6 Jumeau shoes! Perfection!!!

Fully marked on head and body!


34" Breathtaking Jumeau " Triste" Size 16! Incredible facial sculpting!

Fantastic all original outfit!!!


12" Beautiful Tete Jumeau Size 3! Fully marked head and body!

Wonderful things come in small packages! Excellent condition!


14" Incredible French Fashion by Louis Doleac!



17" Endearing Incised Depose Jumeau Size 7.

Absolute perfection, dressed in all antique clothing!


22" Magnificent Early FG Block Bebe! Spectacular doll!

Very pale bisque, early blue threaded paperweight eyes, hint of tongue!!!